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Welcome to the CW4SP crosswords website!

Hello Players,


Thanks for visiting, here is some information about CW4SP:

         Inspiration: Daily I work a paper crossword puzzle.  And I recently installed an electronic version of a popular crossword boardgame on my e-reader which I tend to play daily.  On the e-crossword game I have been playing against the computer.  Admittedly the computer has access to a larger set of valid game vocabulary words than my brain holds.  Seeing some of the neat plays it was making, I realized to improve my play I needed a stronger game vocabulary.


        Going back and forth between playing the boardgame and the paper-based puzzles, it struck me that I could combine the two!  That was the inspiration for the games on this web site.


Purpose: I want to present puzzles that expand your valid boardgame vocabulary. In fact, only words from the NASPA Word List 2023 are used in CW4SP puzzles.


Notices / Guiding Concepts:


1 – Lexicon:  NASPA Word List 2023 Edition © NASPA 2023. The copy included in this app is licensed for personal use. You may not use it for any commercial purposes.


2 -I use clues derived from dictionary definitions. Where possible, I avoid tricky or cute clues, and quotes, names and pop culture references.


3 -Clues and words may be repeated from puzzle to puzzle. Many puzzle authors avoid repetition or use different definitions for the same word. But consistency and repetition in CW4SP puzzles helps learning the words. 


4 -There will be exceptions to the above.


Player Contributed Puzzles: If you play a really good or interesting game and would like it immortalized on this site, contact me through the application.



SCRABBLE is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in the USA and Canada, and of Mattel, Inc. elsewhere.  CW4SP and its activities are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Hasbro or Mattel.

© Harold Dreibelbis 2024

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